Starring Thomas Jane (The Punisher) and Isabel May (Let’s Scare Julie) and directed by Kyle Rankin, Run, Hide, Fight carries an interesting and ballsy premise. It’s pretty much Die Hard in a school.

Check out the trailer below:

There’s a tightrope walk happening when you hear about this film that’s right between exploring one of the saddest things that happen in our culture and glorifying it. However, I think the focus on:

A.) The bad guys getting what they deserve ala the satisfying re-imagined ending to Once Upon A Time In Hollywood


B.) The line “Isn’t it ironic that after all of your hard work, people aren’t going to remember you? They’re going to remember me”

Should give you a pretty good idea of which way this is headed and for that….Run, Hide, Fight looks like a pretty goddamn interesting film that I’ll be checking out. According to the film will release at an backstage event January 14th and then be available on the films dedicated website. I’m guessing something like they did with the Corey Feldman documentary a few months back. Subscribe to the newsletter below to get our review when it releases!

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