I classify the three Black Christmas films that have released over the years in my own way. There’s the original classic, the weird one that we all went to see on Christmas fourteen years ago where the dude bakes human cookies…. and finally the Blumhouse remake. Which, to be honest Die Hard was more of a Black Christmas remake than that one. I digress.

Today we have a new chapter in the Black Christmas lore and I think we can have faith that this one will finally carry some of the DNA of the original. You can check out the teaser trailer from our Canadian colleague, voice actor and It’s me Billy director, Dave McRae below.


I’m just going to be honest. Were this the theatrical trailer for the controversial Lifetime TV dinner version of Black Christmas we got in theaters last year, I’d have been way more psyched about it. The entire production we’ve seen so for of It’s me, Billy looks clean as hell and wide release worthy.

It‘s me, Billy is directed by Dave McRae and Bruce Dale and stars Malaika Hennie-Hamadi, Caro Coltman, Shelby Handley and Victoria Mero. The IMDB description reads as: Unaware of the danger that’s hunting her, Sam and her two best friends are spending Christmas Eve at her grandmother’s old country mansion. Stalked by a sinister evil that’s been lurking in the shadows for nearly 50 years, Sam is about to come face to face with her grandmother’s chilling Christmas past, the deranged psychopath known only as Billy.

It’s me, Billy releases in 2021!


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