Disney announced yesterday that Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow will indeed release in both theaters and on Disney + the same day. So long as you’re willing to pay some “premiere access” fees on the streaming service. That you already pay for.

Disney didn’t say how much streaming the film would be. Though, users will remember paying around $30.00 extra for their kids to stream Mulan in their homes this summer. During the worldwide pandemic.

This comes on the heels of HBO Max announcing their entire 2021 slate including blockbusters like Godzilla Vs King Kong, Dune and others would be releasing simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max. With no additional fees. HBO Max announced yesterday they would be abandoning that model in some fashion going forward in 2022. Though, the release windows from theaters to VOD is no doubt expected to be vastly shortened from the pre-pandemic days.

There were multiple release schedule changes yesterday, according to Vanity Fair. Black Widow will be once again delayed to July 9th, Ryan Reynolds Free Guy to August 13th, Deep Water to January 14th and Death on the Nile (starring alleged cannibal Armie Hammer) to February 11th.

I’m real unsure of how Disney plans to stop people from pirating the movie in massive scales once they learn Black Widow is going to cost them around almost $40.00 total (possibly) to screen on their own TV’s. Also, in other news, I don’t care. Maybe they’ll buy all the pirating companies and shut them down. They’ll be able to afford it with all the money they’ll be charging us for air by then.

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