Things are slowly but surely getting back to normal, thank Christ. Buffalo Wild Wings is even breaking out new sauces again! Just in time for March Madness, too! Which we also didn’t get last year. WE CAST OUT YOUR EVIL 2020 AND MOVE TO STRIKE AGAINST YE!

The new limited time sauce from Bdub’s, titled Trufallo Sauce will pair a truffle sauce (duh) with a spicy buffalo flavor using real white truffles according to ChewBoom.

Well, hello Mr. fancy pants!

The sauce is apparently available now at your local Buffalo Wild Wings and legend has it, if you listen closely you can hear the ghosts of me screaming in agony as my Packers drop yet another NFC Championship.

I’ll be screaming in delicious delights very soon however, when I try this and review it (so be sure to subscribe to the newsletter below). If you’ve never had truffle sauce and it seems gross, no worries. I’ve had it on french fries and it’s goddamn delicious. I’m a fancy girl.

Comment down below, what is your favorite all time Buffalo Wild Wings sauce? Mine? No doubt, Mango Habanero. It’s sticky and it lasts far too long inside my body when it’s done. However, it’s the perfect amount of hot. Also a fan of one of their most recent sauces, the pizza sauce. Sounds gross, tastes great. The worst sauce they’ve had? Probably the Mole sauce they brought out a while back. Chocolate flavors in wings? No says I.

Truffles not your thing? Check out our review of McDonald’s new Spicy Chicken Sandwich here.

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