We told you we would be back with a review of Buffalo Wild Wings Truffalo Sauce. Well, here we are. Saucy lips and all.

For the uninitiated, we did an article about Buffalo Wild Wings new sauce earlier this week. The limited time sauce is made with real white truffles and then mixed with buffalo sauce. Resulting in….you guessed it. Truffalo sauce. SMOKIN!!!!

The Look of the Truffalo

As you can see in the picture above, Buffalo Wild Wings was not in fact feeling particularly saucy this day. They didn’t slather me up quite enough, so take that into account. That was a gross sentence.

To sum it up these look like the regular buffalo sauced wings. Only difference is this sauce is probably more expensive. So you get less.

The Taste of the Truffalo

The waitress described the wings as “earthy tasting”, leaving me to do the smart thing and order half truffalo wings, half mango habanero. Just in case these ended up tasting like a dirty diaper left out in the Tijuana sun. I will not have my Bdub’s evening ruined by poor choices. That comes afterwards.

You could smell the truffles on the wings as they were delivered, which was weird but not in a bad way. It smells like…..truffles. That weird sweet but dirty smell. The anticipation rises along with my sodium levels.

The wings taste almost exactly like you would expect them to, only less dynamic. You can taste the truffles and it mixes well with the buffalo sauce but there’s shockingly no distinct taste. Party due to the lack of sauce covering the wing or maybe a lack of actual truffles in the sauce. Or possibly both even? Bdub’s you are a skimping son of a bitch but I still love you and I’ll see you during March Madness. Probably before then, let’s be honest.

Honestly, I won’t be ordering them again. The taste is fine and with all due respect to our waitress, not that earthy tasting at all. Overall it just ends up tasting like you dabbed a little tiny bit of truffle oil on some wings that didn’t have enough sauce on them. I’d rather just have appropriately coated wings. Again, there’s the chance this was just one of those times at Buffalo Wild Wings where the cook was bogarting the sauce but even so…..It’s not a taste that calls me back to it.

I’ll stick with Mango Habanero or Wild and maybe even go with Pizza flavor if I’m feeling fancy. What’s your go to Bdub’s sauce? Comment below!


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