SNAKE EYES Trailer Looks Like it Was Made in a Corporate Bottle

Snake eyes

“Everything special about you came out of a bottle” Iron man once said to Captain America on the set of The Avengers. Very ironic considering the new trailer for Snake Eyes looks like it was made in a bottle on The Avengers vacant set. Last night the trailer for Robert Schwentke’s (RIPD, Red) Snake Eyes […]

Jean Claude Van Damme, FEAR STREET + More Spotted in Netflix Sizzle Reel

Fear Street

Because of his big legs and karate? He can do the splits and Netflix… problem. And Fear Street? Actually looks a bit gnarly. Netflix does these really awkward sizzle reel commercials now. They pile a bunch of movies together into a tiny clip, like the ones that used to try and sell DVD’s on DVD’s. […]

THE EXPENDABLES 4 Could Start Filming This Fall, Randy Couture Says

the expendables 4

Wrestler/Actor/Dude Randy Couture told The Jenna Ben Show that The Expendables 4 much like Stallone’s pectorials, ain’t even close to being dead yet. In fact, it’s flexing as we speak. In fact, in fact, they are planning on filming it soon. Makes me wanna flex my buttcheek muscles and eat some oatmeal while listening to […]

CREED III is Happening With Michael B. Jordan Directing, No Word on Stallone

Creed III

Announced today by MGM via The Hollywood Reporter, Michael B. Jordan will be starring in and directing Creed III. Tessa Thompson and Phylicia Rashad will both be back as well but there is no word on Sylvester Stallone in the release. Jordan had this to say about the release: “Directing has always been an aspiration, […]