According to CNBC, San Diego Comic-Con has been moved to Thanksgiving this year. The convention has been dealt major hardships like many people, businesses and live events this past year. 2020’s in person event was of course cancelled and 2021’s usual July dates the same. However, SDCC has just announced the smartest dumb move you might see all year.

They have moved the event to November, when they are more likely to have in person events with less restrictions due to the vaccine (smart). The event will take place on Thanksgiving weekend (dumb).

Some of the SDCC’s possible talent and attendees are expressing their dismay with the event being scheduled on what will be the first Thanksgiving in two years for some, due to the pandemics restrictions last year:

Some of that was hilarious. All of that was true. Maybe you hate Thanksgiving and wouldn’t mind spending the first true Turkey day in two years at a Comic-con and that’s fine. But some of these creators work for corporations that will demand they be in full work mode, promoting their projects that entire weekend as it’s a major marketing event for many entities.

On the other hand, we all seem to be cool with the Wal-Mart’s of the world having their employees work 12 hour shifts while their families break bread at home so we can get a toaster that’s on sale.

Personally, I feel like “why the slippery fuck would you not have it held literally any other weekend in November?”.

What are your thoughts? Comment below! Personally, I don’t think this date will stand. I think Comic-con will switch it up somehow. This is not a good look. Here’s hoping they get it together! For more articles like this one, or this one about Disney releasing Black Widow on Disney + for a hefty price, sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the page!

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