A new Halloween Kills trailer coming this Friday? Well, it’s the internet. Where people sometimes wake up and decide just to fuck with each other all day.

A post on the subreddit r/HalloweenMovies today shows a video from Australia stating a new Halloween Kills trailer would be releasing this Friday. The video starts with the Australian ratings system company symbol and website (Which Halloween Kills isn’t on, at least not yet) before devolving into a bunch of images we’ve already scene in the previously released Kills trailers.

The music beats are also the exact same we’ve seen in other trailers only with the words “This Friday” plastered on the screen over and over again before saying you can see the new trailer this Friday on Youtube.

The video appears to be taken of a movie screen but from from the bottom left hand side as if someone was in literally the worst seat in the theater. Or if someone was trying to make their home theater seem like a movie screen. Which, honestly? Nice set up dude.

Personally, it makes no sense why we’d get a trailer now but I don’t run marketing for Universal. Hell, they don’t even like it when we promote their movies for them. I’ll probably get a copyright strike just for using my Universal TV remote later.

That being said this reeks of fakeness to me. At first, I was annoyed. Why do people waste so much of their personal time just to fuck with people? Then I thought about it a bit more and you know what, a part of you has to respect it. I mean someone just woke up today and said, I’m gonna toy with everyone’s emotions because I fuckin’ feel like it. And you know what? According to some of the reactions online, it worked.

Then again there’s always the chance it’s true I guess. Decide for yourself! There’s a link to the original reddit post below. But before you go, be sure to subscribe to the newsletter at the bottom of the page for more horseshit like this.

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