If you’ve been lucky enough to find a video rental store to browse through the past few years, there’s a good chance it was a Family Video.

The video rental store chain has somehow managed to survive over the years when giants like Blockbuster have even been whiddled down to one store. Granted, there’s not much reason to actually rent much at any of these stores with everything being of more convenience to rent digitally at home. The shear joy my family and I experienced walking through a store we found down here in Kentucky is one I won’t forget. It’s unfortunately set to be the only video rental experience my two girls (four and eleven) ever get. That’s a weird thing to say for a guy who spent most of his youth tied to video stores in some way.

While the franchise fought the good fight and hell of a goddamn commendable job doing so….the company announced today they will finally be closing all of their locations.

The companies fan favorite Twitter account @FamilyVideo did announce they would continue to tweet from the account.

Still yet, it’s a sad day indeed as another piece of video rental nostalgia is now gone. We’re very thankful that they held on for so long as it gave my kids the chance to experience such an important part of my life (I don’t care how weird that sounds) if only for a day!

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