HALLOWEEN III – Celebrate St Patrick’s Day w Challis Drinking Gear from Fright Rags

halloween III

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“It’s getting late, I could use a drink!” We all could, Dr. Challis. We all could. This St Patrick’s day, drink your green beer from your very own Halloween III Silver Shamrock Novelties beer glass. You wanna do it naked wearing only your Silver Shamrock socks? That’s a stupid question Miss Grimbridge! Of course you do.

Thanks to Fright Rags, you can do all that and more. Fright Rags has just released a new line of Halloween III: Season of the Witch Silver Shamrock items to celebrate St Patrick’s day.

The list includes the beer glass, socks and some sweet ass Dr. Challis t-shirts that will have you turning the ladies (and men) away left and right. Because you’re a doctor, dammit.

fright rags

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