Michael Myers is a car thieving, white faced fucker. Oh, you think he can’t drive? “HE WAS DOING VERY WELL LAST NIGHT!” Which, is certainly where David Gordon Green’s Halloween Kills seems to be headed. A little further than that, actually. More like 1978.

You’d have to be literally hiding in a closet making clothes hanger switchblades for the past few months to have not heard about the possibility of flashback sequences in this October’s Halloween Kills by now. It’s seemingly become common knowledge at this point that we’re going back to the island, Jack.

Halloween Kills Producer Ryan Freimann has shown off another glimpse of the past on his Instagram in this below photo of Michael Myers’ Batmobile.

She’s lookin’ spiffy! A look at the old school vehicle next to her also lends credence to the fact that this indeed appears to be a flashback rather than Smith’s Grove just being unable to afford to buy new vehicles in 2021. Although that wouldn’t surprise me the way they handle their patients. Want more Halloween on this Michael Myers Monday? Check out our interview with Halloween The Curse of Michael Myers Daniel Farrands below, where he discusses what it was like to pitch the late great Moustapha Akkad.

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