Last month, when HBO Max got everyone’s panties in a bunch by announcing all of their 2021 films would be on the streaming platform the same day as theatrical release, one film in the lineup stood out in particular to me. The Snyder Cut. No seriously, we knew what a lot of the films were. Mortal Kombat, King Kong VS Godzilla, The Suicide Squad, The Matrix 4. But there were a few other films that had almost no info behind them.

Well, you can add The Little Things to the list of shit we’re super anticipatory for and it releases on HBO Max January 29th, 2021! The serial killer film stars Denzel Washington, Rami Maleck and Jared Leto. It absolutely drips with True Detective and Seven type vibes. Check out the trailer below:

Hell yes. True crime. Thriller. Denzel. Leto. Pastries. Sorry I haven’t had breakfast. For all the updates on HBO Max and The Little Things you can ask my wife. I mean subscribe to the newsletter below!

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