Is LEPRECHAUN Coming Back? SPIRAL’s Darren Bousman Asks Lionsgate for Franchise


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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day you scoundrels! May your day be filled with green beer and butt pinches. SPIRAL director Darren Bousman (Saw II) is celebrating by putting out into the universe that he wants control of a Leprechaun. More specifically, the Leprechaun horror movie franchise.

He told twitter on this glorious Saint Patrick’s Day:

He’s apparently been asking for that little green shithead for a while. We’re for it! That little gnarly bastard has had more shitty movies made about his character than Steven Seagal. Okay, no-one has but he’s been to space, the hood (twice) and even rebooted. It would be nice to see someone take a serious shot at me pot of tiny green asshole. Did I just ask someone to take a shot at my asshole? I don’t know. I don’t speak Leprechaun.

SPIRAL comes out May 21st, 2021. Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter below so we can keep you updated, lest we eat your Lucky Charms. Oh hey, speaking of March. It’s March Madness time so check out this review of Buffalo Wild Wings new Truffle Wings. Would you want to see Leprechaun return to theaters? If it made it there? If so, would you want a legitimate attempt to make him scary again? Or would you prefer they leaned into the funny shit? Comment below!



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