Halloween Kills just premiered at the Venice Film Festival and right now there is a panel going on with David Gordon Green and Jamie Lee Curtis discussing it. I will post a link below to the video but I do have to warn you, there is a huge spoiler dropped during the press conference. I mean, gigantic. Steer clear if you don’t want to see it. We won’t talk about it in the text here, so don’t worry.

No, what we’re here to talk about is Halloween Kills follow up, Halloween Ends. First up, Jamie Lee Curtis reveals that she just read the Halloween Ends script on the way to Venice, saying:

“It’s an extraordinary way to finish the trilogy and I’m beyond excited about it.”

Not a whole lot there but hey, she just read it. It was apparently interesting enough to keep her from sleeping on the way to pick up a LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD so, there’s that. When asked about the parallel’s to Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends as far as what’s going on in the real world news and how bleak everything is looking these days, David Gordon Green offered some insight, saying:

For me Halloween Kills is that opportunity to build this operatic chaos and then we’ll come back to Halloween Ends and find our version of mediation and resolve and see how it all ties up”

Adding to the speculation that while Halloween Kills is going to be a balls deep foray into splattering slasher gore and brutality but Halloween Ends is going to be far tamer. You’ll need two boxes of tissues. One for the blood and one for the tears. Sounds like a goddamn blasty blast.

Thanks for reading! We’ll be covering ALL the Halloween Kills reactions and news tomorrow, Thursday 9/9 at 1PM EST right here. In the meantime here’s the video of the panel but remember! A HUGE spoiler exists there.

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