Nightmare Nutrients (where we take a look at new fast food and grocery store items) is back with a review of McDonald’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich! Pictured above with my best photography skills whilst driving and trying not to die but also being too hungry to wait until I’d stopped and could safely photograph my food is the new contestant in the spicy chicken wars.

First off, let’s talk about McDonald’s history with spiciness. They fucking suck at it. To be fair, 99% of the time they don’t even show up for a participatory trophy. McDonald’s has never consistently carried anything hot or spicy on their menu’s. When they have, they have usually been about as spicy as a PBS documentary on floor tiles.

They had their spicy, sweet chicken finger things that lasted about eight minutes. There was a spicy McChicken on the menu but only in select markets. Their most successful hot item is their most recent with the Spicy Chicken McNuggets. Which are ALSO in goddamn limited time fashion.

When cooked right they had a touch of flavor but what really works for them is the Mighty Hot Sauce they are paired with. It’s actually GASP, kind of spicy. Not like, actually hot….but enough to make you feel alive.

All I’m saying is you can palpably feel the people running Mickey D’s reluctance to dip into the world of hot food and I judge them for it. WHAT’S YOUR FUCKIN’ PROBLEM WITH SPICY FOOD MCDONALD’S?

Onward, the new McDonald’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich? Pretty tasty. From the look alone you can tell that they are STRAIGHT UP ripping off Chik-fi-la and that’s okay with me. The look of the breading, the bag it’s now served in, the pickle placement. It’s a statement: “Hi, how ya doin’, fuck you and we’re open on Sundays.”

With their new sandwich McDonald’s has decided to add the spice to the sauce rather than the filet itself. Which, is a mistake but not a deal breaker. The sauce is an awesome bright orange color with a nice taste to it. You can taste a small (very small) kick. It leaves a nice taste in your mouth afterwards where the spice actually continues to activate. It’s a treat.

That being said it doesn’t compare to Chik-fi-la’s Spicy Chicken option. It doesn’t have that bright, red, seasoned and cooked into the filet taste. Which makes all the difference. I’d rather have a hot chicken breast AND the option of mayo rather than a chicken sandwich w hot mayo.

The new Chik-fi-la breading technique is a huge step up over Mcdonald’s usual “let’s fry this thing into shitty oblivion” choice. The quality of the breast is also a step up.

To be honest, I’d still take Wendy’s, Chik-fi-la, Popeye’s, Burger King and maybe even Rally’s spicy chicken options first but this will definitely be what I’m ordering when my kids want their 17th kids meal this week.

Just keep it on the menu, you McFucks! Thanks for reading Nightmare Nutrients.


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  1. I haven’t tried this one, but I did try one of my kiddo’s Spicy Chicken Mcnuggets with the Mighty Sauce. And you were right, the spice just really wasn’t there…but he loved them. One sandwich I think you should try out is the Jalapeno Popper Chicken Sandwich from Wendy’s. Be sure to get the spicy chicken with it. It’s definitely not “blow the top of your head off” hot, but it is a pretty damn good sandwich. Take care and be safe, bro.
    aka Rexfellis from YouTube.

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