Zack Snyder’s Justice League isn’t the only thing getting a redo. The toys are as well! “They’re not toys Mom, they’re collectibles! GOSH!” I’m still using that argument today, by the way. Only it’s my Wife, not my mom that I’m pleading my case to. I’ve been trying the “modern art” excuse lately but I’m not getting a lot of positive feedback.

Anywho…..McFarlane Toys is releasing a Zack Snyder’s Justice League line! And they’re available now for pre-order on Amazon. Also, I’m kidding. My wife is cool and only mildly judges me for being a large and hairy child.

A Kind of Confusing Situation

It’s kind of hard to gather what’s going on with the Justice League line as there have been some leaked images that include Batman, Black Suit Superman and Cyborg. Those are not yet listed on Amazon.

Also strange is there’s been no official announcement on the McFarlane website and the pre-order date listed on Amazon is for January 1st, 2022? However, I’ve read the expected date is June, 2021. All very strange and I’m sure will be sorted out soon. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter below for updates!

UPDATE: According to McFarlane toys has just released official images, including Batman and Cyborg (Pictured). These two however, are only available for pre-order in Canada as of right now.

In the mean time check out the photos of Steppenwolf, The Flash, Darkseid and Aquaman below (these are all Amazon affiliate links, just FYI). Steppenwolf isn’t my favorite bad guy of all time but he’s kind of rocking the shit here with those metal draperies. The Steppenwolf and Darkseid are both “mega” figures hitting you in the wallet wallet for $39.99 a piece. Meanwhile, the rest are priced at a cool $19.99.

I’ve always been a fan of most of McFarlane’s figures. They are far better than the quality you usually get on the shelves at your local Target or Walmart and priced far lower than the “statues” you see at your local comic shop. Which ones are you most into? Comment below. I’m shelling for the Darkseid myself. Don’t tell my wife.

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