MICHAEL MYERS MONDAY – Here’s Two Halloween Videos Worth Watching

michael myers

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Ain’t no Monday like a Michael Myers Monday cuz a Michael Myers Monday don’t stop. Actually, that’s incorrect. We need you to stop, Monday. You are not allowed to be immortal. You must die. What the fuck am I talking about?

Lord Knows we aren’t getting any Halloween Kills news lately and probably any time soon so here’s something to wet your whistle, weary traveler. No, that is not what I meant. Don’t be gross. How much?

In our first video we have the famous Halloween 4 gas station scene recreated by Youtube channel Zack11993 and it’s something you absolutely must see. Check it out below:

First off, that was a crowning achievement. I have no idea how these are done but I imagine that it’s a time consuming endeavor so bravo, Zack. Is it a spot on recreation? No. Loomis looks weird and there’s no John Woo Loomis dive behind barrels but I imagine there’s only so much you can do with this and you did fucking amazing. I’ll take re-experiencing one of the best scenes in Halloween franchise history on any Monday you offer it to me. This was great.

An Amazing HALLOWEEN Tribute

Next up, we have our very own friend, wonderful cook of microwaveable delights and Patron member, youtuber The Rusty Lion putting together one of the greatest Halloween franchise tributes you will-ever-fucking-see. “THIS PARAKEET’S BEEN RAPED!” As Malcolm McDowell’s Dr. Loomis would say on the deleted scenes of Rob Zombie’s Halloween. Yes it has, Dr. Yes it has.

Holy shit, hallelujah where’s the Halloween Kills, am I right? I am fucking jacked to the titts right now, Rusty. Great video. Great videos all around. Here’s hoping you all have an excellent Michael Myers Mondee. Now here’s one we did, goddammit. Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter below for more of these Halloween delights! And check out other stories by us, like this one where we talk about three awesome ways to restore the Snyder verse.



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