What in the shitfuck salads is this monstrosity against mankind? It’s exactly what it looks like folks. It’s two pieces of goddamn SPAM on a McDonald’s bun smothered in OREO. What in the ass?

McDonald’s China created Frankenstein’s butt monster for a one day only sale which apparently did quite well. Many locations were apparently old out by noon. Apparently lunch meats are all the rage in China right now with the youth? The announcement on the website called it “an unimaginable double surprise.” Yeah, like finding your wife in bed with two sumo wrestlers smothered in….well, nevermind.

The good (awful fucking) news is that you can make this at home any day of the week. Buy two cans of (throws up) SPAM, grab a one dollar McDonald’s cheeseburger, take of the bun and smother it in goddamn Oreos, you sick bastard.

I think I have a good video idea for next time J and I get together. Be sure to sign up to the newsletter below or you’ll miss it. Also, we’ll make you eat this disgusting abomination while your parents watch.

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