We talked about two things Friday night during our Friday Night Food Wars livestream TM (I wrote TM because it makes it professional and means you can’t steal it, you fuckin’ hamburglars). One, that Papa John’s has never tried stuffed crust pizza. That became a lie today. and the other, Taco Bell’s nacho fries and how delicious they were. Well, smack my fat ass and call me Susan……Taco Bell hath announced their delicious (so long as they aren’t cold as shit) nacho fries are BACK on December 24th.

But there’s more. Much more! Taco Bell hath also announced they are bringing back the Bacon Club Chalupa.

That means one thing. Say goodbye to the *British voice* Toasted Cheddah Chaloopa. Taco Bell also says they will NOT be doing the rattlesnake version of the nacho fries this round, which is a dissapointment. But let’s take what we can get 2020. Taco Bell is also bringing back the $1 loaded nacho taco. Which is nice.

Check out our fast food wars from this past week where Taco Bell may or may not have made the championship round.


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