NIGHTMARE NUTRIENTS: Papa John’s Is Releasing Stuffed Crust Pizza Everywhere December 28th


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On Nightmare Nutrients, we discuss the newest fast foods and food items in general. That doesn’t have anything to do with movies some say, but we say if you don’t eat shitty food while you watch movies? Then you can go suck a fuck, Steve.

Speaking of sucking a fuck, Papa John’s is dipping their sticks in the competitive stuffed crust market. Their cheeseless, godless, breadsticks that are only good when dipped into a vat of buttery garlic fat. Sorry, I have a personal issue with the papa’s bland ass breadsticks. You could play drums with those things or rob a bank.

Anyways, I’m quite excited to try the latest Papa John’s invention, will will debut nationwide December 28th but for Papa Club Members whatever the shit that is, the stuffed crust is available December 21st throught the 27th for first tastings. You can use the code STUFFED to get the pizza for 12 bucks!

Just this past week, we got together with you sexy folks and held the fast food wars, where we all discussed the best pizza, fast food and drunk eateries of all time. Papa John’s pulled off a huge upset, I’m still pissed about it but check it out for yourself below.



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