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40 YEARS OF ROCKY: THE BIRTH OF A CLASSIC Doc To Release In Less Than Two Weeks!

There's no easy way out.....but there is a shortcut home. It's called video on demand and on June 9th, '40 Years of Rocky: The Birth of a Classic' could be in your home. You son of a bitch.

According to JoBlo.com , Sylvester Stallone himself is going to narrate and storytell in a documentary about the making of the original 'Rocky' film.

The documentary will feature never before seen 8mm pre-production footage and behind the scenes footage including boxing lessons and makeup tests, courtesy of the late John G Avildsen (Director of Rocky) and Troma's Lloyd Kaufman who was a Production Manager for the film.

The documentary will be available on home video starting June 9th and will be directed by Derek Wayne Johnson. So get ready to eat lightning and crap thunder and hopefully in a totally different way than I did last night when I decided to eat 'Blazin' wings from Buffalo Wild Wings. True story. But you know what they say. It ain't about how hard you shit. It's about how hard you can keep shitting. Keep wiping and keep grabbing your ankles in pain.

I'm really sorry for the way this article ended. I'm totally renting this when it comes out. My only disappointment is that this isn't a 'Never Sleep Again' style documentary going over each film in awesome detail. I want to see the casts thoughts on Rocky IV and V specifically. Someone needs to get on that shit. Anyway, here's a video we made where Michael Myers plays Rocky Balboa in the music video for 'No Easy Way Out'. Be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for all sorts of dumb shit like this and sign up for that newsletter for more news. In a letter.

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