• Mike Holtz

Adult Swim Announces Their Full Lineup For Comic Con At Home This Week

Covid can take our hearts, dreams and plans and literally spit in their faces before dropping them off the top of the mountain we were supposed to vacation on into a sea of feces polluted with sharks in the shape of fallic symbols that eventually gives way into an under the sea volcano eruption of garbage juice. But they can't take our cartoons.

Also, why were you planning to vacation on a mountain next to a sea of feces?

Comic Con is doing their shindig digitally this year and we're all invited because it's free! Adult Swim just announced a big ole' fat slate for your faces. Check out their just released schedule below:

Looks like a gosh darn good time that no stupid asshole virus can crush! Cartoons, dammit! You can make em' at home! I think. For all the updates on comic con and possibly a photo of me crying in the shower be sure to follow our newsletter below! Thanks for listening.

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