• Mike Holtz

AMC Agrees To Let Universal Films Go To VOD Early; Does This Mean Anything For 'Halloween Kills'?

Shiver me timbers, the world of movies just changed for the 756th goddamn time this month.

If you've been paying attention, Universal and AMC theaters have been in a 'Mean Girls' fight for a while now over Universal gloating about how good their movies were doing on VOD. AMC threatened to ban Universal films from playing in their cinemas but given the state of movie theaters around the world right now that threat was akin to Nick Cannon threatening to write a diss track about Eminem. Oh shit, that happened! 2020. She's got it all!

Anyways, what this means is that Universal can now stream theatrical movies straight to premium on demand ($20 bucks each) after airing in theaters for only three weeks. They aren't allowed to charge less according to Variety for atleast three months.

The article also notes that bigger films like 'Fast and the Furious' will likely be in theaters longer before they are available to stream. One has to wonder what this could have meant for 'Halloween Kills' that was just pushed back an entire year to 2021 while fans clamored for a video on demand release instead, considering Halloween Kills was a finished product.

On that note, I wouldn't expect anything to change. In the announcement David Gordon Green specifically mentioned they made the decision so that the film could be seen in theaters among fans. It also gives them extra time to prepare 'Halloween Ends' amid uncertainty with the filthy life sucking whore that is covid 19.

Apparently, AMC will share in the revenue streams from the streams as well which is clearly why they agreed to the deal in the first place. It's a brave new world, folks. While I'm happy I can watch movies at home a little bit sooner, I sure hope that this isn't another kink in the armor of the movie theater. It all seems eerily similar when so many streaming services ultimately ended up being the death of the walk in video store. Also, I'm hungry. Time to order some Chinese food. Thanks for reading! Check out more articles like this one: Halloween Kills Update, NECA shows off new Ultimate Ghostface, Kevin Smith's KILROY WAS HERE Trailer

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