• Mike Holtz

An Arnold Schwarzenegger Spy Show Is Coming to Netflix! (We Hope It's 'True Lies')

According to Deadline.com , Arnold is about to join the first scripted TV show of his career (He was on Celebrity: Apprentice for some reason) and it's going to be on Netflix.

Strangely enough, the show has no title yet and the only details are that it is a spy show from Skydance TV that will center around a father and a daughter. The daughter being actress Monica Barbaro (Top Gun: Maverick).

Family? Spies? TRUE LIES? I mean, probably not but a girl can dream. We don't want to be a party pooper. Let's imagine for a second it is a True Lies sequel series catching up with Harry Tasker and his daughter. Tasker's daughter was played by Eliza Dushku back in 1994. The actress is 39 years old today but hasn't appeared in anything since 2017 and may not be interested in acting any longer which is total speculation on my part, I don't hang out with Eliza Dushku. Barbaro is only nine years younger and they do look enough alike for it to be feasible that she's Dana Tasker.

The entire cast hasn't been announced yet but Jamie Lee Curtis has mentioned her fondness for working on True Lies with Schwarzenegger before and she's quite active lately. Also, that would be a-goddamn-dorable.

Let's be honest though, I don't really care that much if this is a True Lies show or not.

I love Schwarzenegger so much I'd watch him paint houses. I'm really psyched we're going to get at least a season of Schwarzenegger goodness and his talent is once again going to be forefront for the world to see. We need more Schwarzenegger in the world. More to come on this and all our favorite action movie stars as the news comes so be sure to subscribe to the newsletter below!

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