• Mike Holtz

Anti-Flag's New Music Video 'The Disease' Channels John Carpenter's 'They Live'

Anti-Flag's newest music video for banger 'The Disease' is out today and it has some serious 'They Live' vibes to it.

The concept itself has been done a few times in music (See Green Day's 'Back in the USA' for the most recent) so, the idea isn't the most original but fitting nonetheless. The song itself is a fun one for those who are fans of the bands more accessible anthemic tracks. 'The Disease' in particular feels as if it could have come straight off 2006's 'For Blood and Empire' in that you can both bop your head or punch a wall to it.

Check out the song and the John Carpenter-esque video below and remember "One Trillion dollars, could buy some badass drugs!!" (It's ironic song lyrics, Mom. You're ignorant.)

Anti-Flag's aptly timed new album, '20/20 Vision' is out next week, 1/17/2020.

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