• Mike Holtz

'BAD BOYS FOR LIFE' Movie Review

'Bad Boys for Life' brought back Martin Lawrence and Will Smith seventeen years older and without Michael Bay directing.....and may have made the best movie of the franchise.

There's more heart, emotion and takes than the previous two films yet 'Bad Boys for Life' somehow maintains the comedy, action sequences and 90's action feel of the first two films.

What may be the shocker of the year, this is a damn good action film and a blast from the past. Here's our in depth review straight out of the theater. Go see this shit and have a coke and a smile! .......and some skittles. The below is the youtube version of our podcast but you can also listen anywhere podcasts are available. Just search "We Watched A Movie Podcast" or click here.

Thanks for hanging with us! Be sure to check out our 30+ minute deep dive into Steven Seagal's 'Hard to Kill'!

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