• Mike Holtz

'Birds of Prey' - A Movie For Fans of 90's Don't Give A Fuck Blockbuster Cinema

'Birds of Prey' struts down the entryway like Stone Cold Steve Austin in the 90's pounding beers and flipping people off and having the time of its goddamn life; and the crowd was too. I stopped a few times during the party to wonder if people would actually accept certain changes to certain characters versus their comic book versions of themselves.

Then I kicked my own nuts and Stone Cold stunned myself for giving a damn.

I decided instead to enjoy what the film was giving me; and what it was giving me was a stylish as hell 90's action film that felt dangerous (not dark) and funny (not satirical) in a refreshing display of violence and comedy. I felt like I walked out of 'Die Hard With A Vengeance', not like someone was going to quiz me afterwards on easter eggs, tie ins, and ooohwee I can't wait to pontificate on who's going to be who's parents in the sequel ten years from now!

Can you tell I'm ready for something new with comic book films?

If you are too, then 'Birds of Prey' should be right up your alley. Go see it and have fun. Is the movie perfect? Lord, no. But it is funny and it is ballsy and Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn kicks a ridiculous amount of ass. I mean, everyone kicks ass but she specifically is Steven Seagal level fucking shit up.

On the flip side, Ewan McGregor is Jim Carrey level over the top in all the right ways as Black Mask. Honestly, probably the most entertaining I've ever seen McGregor be on screen and I'm a fan. He chews the scenery and takes risks in all the ways you're probably not supposed to when it comes to playing a comic book villain of note but ends up landing the shit out of it just about every time.

'Birds of Prey' is only lacking for me when we have to get back to the typical superhero movie storylines. Rarely, but every once in a while the film can't help but fall into certain tropes we've seen done a million times. The group has to come together, the group has to fight the bad guys standing back to back in a long action set piece to end the film. You know, that stuff. 'Prey' was entertaining enough to stand all on its own without needing to try to be any of the superhero films that came before it.

I have a feeling adults are going to appreciate this little R rated fun fest. It looks like Warner Bros and the DCEU finally got the message after the success of 'Joker'. Stop worrying about what they are doing and do you. 8.5/10

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