• Mike Holtz

'Black Christmas' Is a Hateful Waste of Potential

'Black Christmas' is exactly what was feared for the exact reason it was feared. Times ten. Were you worried that instead of an insightful film that might make people think, it would instead beat the audience over the head with a simple and obvious message that carried the weight of an angry tweet? Oh yes, you feared correctly. Only worse.

The film openly drives home the point that all white males, regardless of character, intentions or actions are at the root of themselves awful, horrible people. That is not an exaggeration. The only male character that comes off as a decent human being is the one who's so submissive he's afraid of his own shadow, responding to the women as if he were a beaten dog called over for a treat. I want you to know that I am not the guy who looks for these things. This was smashed over my head, repeatedly.

It's a shame too, because the camera work and set design brought a nice nostalgic call back to the original film in an impressive way. At times. Before it all went to shit.

The opening kill, had a touch of the opening to Wes Craven's 'Scream' as well as another particular scene that was a nice homage to a classic jump scare scene from the past. There was talent at work throughout the film but it was either rendered toothless by the PG-13 rating or drew viewers out of each scene due to stupid decision making and childish dialogue.

We were told by writer April Wolfe that the PG-13 rating was intentional, apparently to drive the film towards young high school aged women who needed to see it. However, when you are so bold as to claim yourself the person self anointed to teach the youth a lesson, maybe you should consider what your message is.

The dialogue in this film goes so far beyond strong women overcoming evil men. That's a message I and many others can get behind and do in the many films that do it much better than 'Black Christmas'. Samara Weaving in 'Ready or Not' anyone?

I don't want my two young girls passing judgement on any one person based on their race or skin color, whatever it may be. Which is exactly what this film asks for. The writing in 'Black Christmas' is simply another example of extremists using society's acceptance of hate depending who it's pointed at. Sure, the "Me Too" movement is a good thing for teaching women to come out when they are sexually assaulted. It's not a good reason to hate entire groups of people based off the color of their skin or gender. History doesn't look kindly on those who take good movements and point them towards all powerful, hateful ones with no ethics.

As for the actual film, the basis of which almost no-one is actually going to base their review on? It was okay for a while. Like a TV version of a slasher film with no scares digging beneath the surface. The ending however, when 'Black Christmas' decides to attempt create its own DNA? It becomes a supernatural episode of 'Goosebumps' that ends in a fight scene liken to the gang war from 'Anchorman'. Only, not funny at all.

'Black Christmas' is hateful, irresponsible and toothless as a horror film. 2/10

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