• Mike Holtz

'Black Christmas' Is Toxic At The Box Office & Scores D+ Cinemascore From Audiences

'Black Christmas' got a big fat box of nothin' for Christmas this year. I guess Santa Clause didn't agree with the sentiment. Shit, apparently Mrs. Clause didn't either.

Fans complained for months that the 'Black Christmas' reboot didn't seem to have anything to do with 'Black Christmas' and that a slasher film has no business being PG-13. Fans also complained about the focused push to make sure everyone knew this was a feminist slasher for the "Me Too" movement.

The original 'Black Christmas' had a lot to say as many horror films do. However, you experienced that message through the movie. Not news articles or online anger.

There's a trend here. It seems like when studios or filmmakers try and use a message to sell tickets instead of using a film to tell a message.....well, this happens.

Fans not only spoke up online but also at the box office. Or rather, not at the box office where, 'Black Christmas' pulled in only $4.42 million dollars this weekend. What makes this worse is the fact that the film was all alone this entire month of December with no wide release horror to rival it. Even worse, those who did see the film hated it. 'Black Christmas' nabbed itself a D+ Cinemascore from movie goers.

What's the lesson here?

It's not that fans don't want politics or messages in their movies. That's insane. So what is it? I think people want the movies to be smart enough to land the message on their own. Without filmmakers and studios screaming out from the rooftops online.

There's almost a feeling with these movies of "If you liked it than you are this" or "if you hated it you are this". So you have critics out there raving about a movie they know wasn't good, they simply want to crusade for its message.

Which, by the way I think the studios count on when they know they have a stinker on their hands. Go out, make some news about your cause, get Twitter fired up "Support our movie and show those mean fuckers!" and yet, it seems to constantly work against them.

Studios. Blue check marks on twitter. Fans. Filmmakers. I beg you. Let your films be as political as you want. But don't turn movies into politics. It's not working out for any of us. This ain't fun.

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