• Mike Holtz

Blumhouse is Hosting a Live HALLOWEEN KILLS Panel on October 29th! Trailer Incoming?

Blumhouse has just announced that on October the 29th they will be hosting 'BlumFest'. An all virtual event on their Youtube and Facebook pages that will feature panels on Welcome To The Blumhouse, Freaky, The Craft: Legacy, The Good Lord Bird and Truth or Dare 2: Still Darin'.

Just kidding about that last one, it's actually HALLOWEEN KILLS!

That's GOTTA mean a Halloween Kills trailer, right? RIGHT?!?!? We'll find out and we'll be right here to spread our legs, I mean the news when it happens. We'll party, talk about and eat some candy corn right here on WWAM when it happens. So make sure you subscribe, join the newsletter and get ready for Halloween Kills up the tailpipe this Thursday.

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