• Mike Holtz

Boardwalk Empire Showrunner Leaves THE BATMAN Spin Off Series Due To Creative Differences

You could lock the Spice Girls backstage with Scott Stapp, film it for MTV's Real World and there'd still be less drama than there is in your typical DC Warner Bros venture.

Lot of nineties references in one sentence there. ACE OF BASE! CRANBERRIES! YIKES PENCILS!

TheHollywoodReporter.com just reported that Boardwalk Empire showrunner Terence Winter just exited HBO Max's The Batman spin off show due to "creative differences."

Meaning, "Fuck ya'll, you're stupid and my ideas are better" in normal speak. I'm not agreeing. I love DC and for all I know he may have wanted to have Batman tucking his bat bits between his legs and listening to "Goodbye Horses". I'm just saying that's what it means to me when I hear "creative differences".

Apparently Winters' ideas clashed with Matt Reeves and the other producers and they will now be looking for a new showrunner. Still no word on whether Batman will even be in the damn show or if this is more of a 'Gotham' type thing. Personally, I'm over the whole "Let's have a TV show about a character who isn't in the TV show because people will eat up anything these days" idea but hey, I haven't had breakfast yet and maybe I'm cranky.

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