• Mike Holtz

Brach's TURKEY DINNER FLAVORED CANDY CORN Is As Real As A Donut, Motherf*cker

Well, the good news is you don't have to cook for Thanksgiving this year. You can just eat goddamn GREEN BEAN FLAVORED CANDY CORN. All because the people over at Brach's were like fuck it, 2020 is the end. Let's do some weird shit.

Yes, this is real and on sale at Walgreen's right now according to ChewBoom.com. These disgusting little capsules of shouldn't be come in six different flavors. Green Beans, Roasted Turkey, Cranberry sauce, GINGER GLAZED CARROT, Sweet Potato Pie and Stuffing. THEY MADE A GODDAMN CANDY CORN THAT TASTES LIKE STUFFING.

These people are sick and I'm pissed because I'm going to have these in my mouth at some point because I know myself and I'm too morbidly curious to not try it. Will you? Sign up for the newsletter below for more signs of the end times. Also, watch us try weird foods on our youtube channel here:

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