• Mike Holtz

Brand New TENET Trailer Shows WAY More Footage

Tonight, right after 2020 jipped us yet again with Dallas Mavericks best player Luka Doncic getting an ankle sprain in the playoffs, TNT showed off a special 'Tenet' trailer that showed off an absolute ASS LOAD of new footage. You can tell it was a lot because I said it in caps. That's also how you know Corey Feldman is serious on twitter.

Check it out below and then let's talk about whether or not we're going to show up in theaters on September 3rd:

That looks like an epic Christopher Nolan time travel film. The guns have gone from suck to blow! I hope Tom Green's "The Backwards Man" makes an appearance as the final battle boss. "I'm the backwards man, the backwards man. I can walk backwards fast as you can. I can walk backwards fast as you can."

Anyways, how do I feel about whether or not movies should "only" release in theaters like 'The New Mutants' and 'Tenet' you didn't ask? I'll put it to you this way.....shitty buffets were open in Tennessee this weekend. Like, not even the good ones. The sketchy ones that were going to blow your asses out, Covid or not.

As long as they take all the precautions necessary.....if everything else is going to be open then why not movies? I may see 'Tenet' in theaters if I get a great showtime during the day with a very low amount of people in attendance. What about you? Let us know and be sure to subscribe to the newsletter below for more if daddy would like some sausage. Keep your eye on us, we'll be doing tons of footage from DC Fan Dome tomorrow!

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