• Mike Holtz

Break Out The Turkey Basters, There's 'Don't Breathe 2' News

Back in 2016 when the credits ran up on 'Don't Breathe' I think we were all surprised this sneakily fucked up little film was going for sequel territory. Surprised, yet intrigued. Like the first time you tried butt stuff am I right? Anywho...

Fede Alvarez directed surprise hit 'Don't Breathe' as well as the remake of 'Evil Dead' to mostly positive reception and I think most of us were excited about what he'd do next. Well, unfortunately it isn't direct a sequel to this film. Actually, I'd rather him do something with 'Evil Dead' but I digress. We get the next best thing!

According to THR, the dude who co-wrote both 'Don't Breathe' and 'Evil Dead' with Alvarez, Rodo Sayagues will be directing the sequel. This will be his first time directing but I'm sure he'll have all the help he needs with Alvarez staying on as a producer.

Also, crossfit Santa Clause himself Stephen Lange will be back to reprise the role of lead turkey baster for the film. Which, is great because if he didn't come back none of this shit would have made any sense at all!

The film is set to start filming in April. So, the best news of all is that the sequel is actually happening. Which, seemed to be a little in doubt since we hadn't heard anything in so long. Right the fuck on! Turkey basters up! Let's go!

For our review of the first film, see the video below!

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