• Mike Holtz

Calling All Fuckstick Artists!

Hey guys, so here's the deal. I was going through our old thumbnails and I was like....man these fuckin' suck. I know a lot of you are talented (I've seen you naked) and some of you are talented in the ways of the art and/or graphic design.

Now, I plan on over time going back and updating a shit load of our old thumbnails but there are those of you who send us dope ass fan art all the time and I thought of a cool way for you to put your stamp on WWAM if you so desire.

Now, I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY don't need anybody to go out of there way and do this for us. I can update them with my shitty abilities over time, no problem. I just thought I would put it out there, if any of you wanted to take a crack at it and put your stamp on your favorite old school WWAM video forever then go for it! Does it help us out? Sure! But only do it if it provides value FOR YOU. (Which I go further into below) Promise? Ok.

Here's the deal:

- Let's go with videos that are atleast over a year old and currently have kind of bland thumbnails. (There's a lot, lol)

- All youtube thumbnails have to be in 1280x720 format per youtubes rules

- No alcohol or cursing or nudity in the thumbnail because you know, youtube

- If you can somehow include a cutout freeze frame of us ourselves from the video, in the shot then bonus points. I hear those work best on youtube but it doesn't have to be. Just a pointer.

- For obvious reasons they can't be blurry or cut off or anything. You know the usual bidness.

- If we dig the thumbnail (no offense if we don't, it may be that we like whatever shitty thumbnail is there for a particular reason, lol) and decide to use it we'll throw a thank you to you personally and in the videos description and add whatever social media link you'd like to your art or twitter or whatever. We'll also share the thumbnail on Instagram and tag you in and again a link to whatever site you'd like.

- Also, your thumbnail can be an official piece of the fuckery of WWAM forever.

So here we go! Happy hunting! Just shoot your thumbnails to WeWatchedAMovie2@gmail.com and again I want to re-iterate ONLY do this if you are looking for something to create and would have fun with it. We don't need anyone to do it, we just thought it would be a cool way to include you all and your awesome talents. Thanks for being you!

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