• Mike Holtz

Check Out The First Images From Stephen King's 'The Stand'

I don't know about you but I really miss talking about Pandemics. Thankfully, CBS has just what we needed. First look images from Stephen King's 'The Stand'! Or I mean, you could just look out your window. To be fair though, if Whoopi Goldberg is outside your window looking like she just walked off the set of 'AHS: Roanoke Season 2' things have gotten weirder in your state than they have mine. Even if her and I do currently share the same hairstyle.

Anyway, Vanity Fair has released these first look photos in the latest attempt to bring one of King's most ambitious works to life. The photos feature Alexander Skarsgard looking handsome and inquisitive. The perfect combination for your Tinder profile picture, by the way. (No, Greg. That face your making just looks like a confused dog. You need practice. Also, look more like Alexander Skarsgard.) There are also other various photos depicting the shows actors in horrible, all too lifelike post apocalyptic situations.

These photos not only show the cast from Stephen King's 'The Stand' but also double as 'The Gap's Post Apocalyptic Summer Series' clothing line. I'm kidding, they look fine. The real bummer is the show will be on CBS All Access because they will never give up on making you pay for yet another subscription service. For God's sake man, couldn't you just air it on TV like a normal TV STATION!?!?!??

Anyway, for more updates on spooky shit be sure to follow our newsletter down below and subscribe to our youtube channel here. 'The Stand' will be released sometime later this year and all of my comments are in total jest, I look forward to checking it out myself. From my bunker while I eat beans out of a can. 'The Stand' also will star James Marsden, Jovan Adepo, Amber Heard and many others.

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