• Mike Holtz

Check Out The Netflix Trailer for Nurse Ratched's Origin Story: 'Ratched' By AHS Creator Ryan Murphy

American Horror Story's Ryan Murphy has teamed up again with her name was Sarah Paulson who, side note: I have a weird level of attraction to, for One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest prequel series 'Ratched'.

Spoiler alert, it's the origin story of Nurse Ratched.

Now, back to my weird attraction to women who have this thing about them that makes it seem like they are going to completely destroy your life. Sarah Paulson, Rosamund Pike specifically from 'Gone Girl'...the list goes on and on. This is a problem, right? Why do I want women to hurt me?

Anyway, that got weird. Here's the trailer for the 8 episode limited series coming to Netflix on September 18th.

Man, she seems really evil (covers lap with pillow). Thanks for reading! Be sure to sign up for the newsletter below for more horror news!

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