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'Child's Play' Reboot Director Wants To Make 'Child's Play 2' - Waiting on MGM

You know what was surprisingly good? At least in our opinion? The 'Child's Play' reboot. The 2019 film was funny, entertaining and even had a little bit of emotion in it to boot. Which, ironically is exactly what I would do if Chucky or Buddi ever came my way. Boot the little bastard. Movie over. Bad man punted Baxter.

Serial killer doll stoppage tactics aside, the director of the 'Child's Play' reboot Lars Klevberg went on Instagram live on his account @LarsKlevberg today along with his talented leading man Gabriel Bateman (Andy in the film) to answer some fan questions and interestingly mentioned the possibility of a sequel.

Now, I realize that Don Mancini has his 'Chucky' TV Series coming to USA and SyFy networks this year (Check out the teaser trailer here). But I have been wondering myself why we haven't heard any news of a 'Child's Play 2' over the past year or so. The film did well financially, pulling in $44 million worldwide on a $10 million dollar budget and critically as well, scoring a 63% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Why no sequel?

Apparently Klevberg has been wondering that as well. At one point in the live stream while talking about how much fun he and the cast had making 'Child's Play', Klevberg said he'd hoped to get the cast and production crew together soon and do it all again. He then said jokingly that MGM needed to get it together and get moving on the project. Again, I re-iterate he said so jokingly and without malice. But it is clear that he has plans for himself and the crew to return.

The only thing I can imagine holding MGM off making a potential 'Child's Play 2' other than the obvious corona related issues is that they could be waiting to see just how successful Don Mancini's television show ends up being before they commit.

More importantly, do you want to see a 'Child's Play 2'? I could get into it Comment below, let us know! Thanks for reading, be sure to subscribe to the newsletter below! Here's our 'Child's Play' video review:

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