• Mike Holtz

CHILD'S PLAY TV Series CHUCKY Announces Second Channel With Mini Teaser

Child's Play creator Don Mancini earlier today decided to join instagram and give us all sorts of treats relating to that little bastard Chucky. Earlier on, he shared the photo below captioned "Find out what it is tomorrow".

This led my dumbass to speculate that maybe CHUCKY DID IT would be the title of the new TV series. Nope, that idea is now deader than Andy's first foster dad with Mancini's second instagram post......a mini teaser for the new Child's Play series titled CHUCKY! Which, will now air on both SyFy AND USA networks. The teaser, which you can check out here (video feed to come soon) shows a very CGI toy store setting before the camera pans around to a CGI Chucky raising a CGI knife to some cool music and the information that the show will be here in 2021 at some point.

I know a lot of people were worried about the lack of quality SyFy network puts into their shows but it looks like we can put that bitch ass doll to bed now that USA is involved.

I'm looking forward to the series myself since we all know how scorned Mancini felt over the CHILD'S PLAY theatrical remake. I liked the movie but it was a shady move on the studio's part. Rooting for Mancini to give this show the business. No, I'm not talking about his dick. Why would he give his own show his dick, Greg? What is he Tyler Durden? Stay tuned! In the meantime, check out our ranking of the Child's Play franchise below!

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