• Mike Holtz

Cinematic Universes? "I Put That Sh*t on Everything" Joe Russo to Make EXTRACTION Sequels + Spinoffs

The Russo brothers are about to Marvel the shit out of Chris Hemsworth military flick Extraction. The shockingly kick ass action film that seemingly came out of nowhere on Netflix ends with a blurry shot of weirdness that suggests possible sequels but "THAT'S NOT GODDAMN GOOD ENOUGH!!!" Screamed Joe Russo at Collider

I’m still not gonna commit because I think it’s more exciting to surprise people, but I will say this: we are working at building out a universe of films that could potentially explore some of the other characters from the first movie and some new characters, and see more historical interaction between the characters. So if you’re interested in David Harbour’s character, you just may get to see him in a future Extraction movie.

Hard sigh but also hard. I mean, hard to pass up on. I don't know what I mean. I think Extraction was cool in a vaccuum but I also don't understand what the phrase "in a vacuum" means. Whenever someone says it I feel like the sailboat guy from Mallrats.

That being said I was shocked as a mother that Extraction ended teasing even a possible single sequel. The film was fun but it was just a non stop hour and half tracking shot of kickassery. And that's okay! I enjoyed it for what it was. I feel like the only knock you could give the film was possibly a lack of story. So, naturally we're gonna make an entire cinematic universe out of it. Alright.

The cynical part of me wishes they could just leave well enough alone every once in a while and not feel the need to squeeze the living shit out of everything like Chris Farley does that biscuit in Tommy Boy but the other part of me says "Hey, fuck it. It could be cool. I like movies."

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