• Mike Holtz

Clive Barker Just Opened A FRIDAY THE 13th Style Lawsuit For HELLRAISER Rights

Larry Zerner (Shelly from Friday the 13th Part 3D and official giver of the hockey mask to Jason) is a lawyer these days and is often kind enough to share his legal expertise with fans on the ongoing, dick punching legal battle happening with the Friday the 13th franchise.

Today he shared some news that will to no fault of his own leaving us all punching ourselves in the dicks!

And Jesus wept. Are you fucking kidding me? Right after we hear the news that David Gordon Green is directing (in part) an HBO television series based on the Hellraiser franchise? Right after we hear that they are making another Hellraiser film meant for the big screen to be directed by David Bruckner? Right after I had my lunch? You drop this shit? What happened to all that happy talk of Spyglass wanting to make the movie "loyal" to Barker's original vision? Yikes.

What this basically means is that Hellraiser just went from having both a movie and TV series in the works to possible MIA for a very long time while people haggle in courts over the rights. Such a waste of good suffering.

Here's the link to the full court document for those interested in legal details. Thanks once again to Mr. Zerner for the news. Zerner did follow up, mentioning a movie is still possible if made in time:

Still yet, there's no way Gordon Green and HBO's television series could survive under this legal doom, right? What a bunch of leather clad ass. What are your thoughts? If you want something fun and Hellraiser related check out last week's Friday night franchise fight where we pit Hellraiser up against Child's play.

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