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'Don't F*ck With Cats' Review

By: Gino Gallo

Most  of us  spend  more  time  scrolling  through  Netflix  than  actually  deciding  what  to  watch. Let  me  do  you  a  favor, when  you  come  across  "Don't  F*3ck With Cats," stop  scrolling.

I  can  guarantee  you  despite  whether  you  love  it  or  hate  it,  you  will  be  absolutely  glued  to  it. If  you  have  to  be  at  work  at  midnight  and  you  start  watching  this  at  11  o'clock,  you're  either  going  to  be  calling  in  sick  or  showing  up  about  two  and  a  half  hours  late.

I  completely  understand  the fear of seeing videos  of  animals  being  killed. Frankly,  not  many  people  love  animals  as  much  as  I  do  (Mike  Vick  should  of  gotten  a  life  sentence  in  my  eyes).  So,  let me reassure you. You'll be  given  ample  time  to  close  your  eyes before  anyone  of  those  videos  play and the show does a decent job of hiding the most graphic moments on its own. Trust me when I tell you, you can make it through this safely without seeing one Animal being tortured or killed. So, don't let that stop you.

If you're reading from the WeWatchedAMovie website there's a tremendous chance you're a horror fan. This documentary is a real life horror movie that puts that 'Ted Bundy Files' documentary shit to shame. Through my own personal research I've found that people who are obsessed with horror usually have two things in common. Horror movie fans are typically in it for the "safe" adrenaline rush. A large amount of us usually suffer from some form of anxiety brought on by extremely creative minds. So, I think it's safe to say many of us often come up with ideas throughout our days for movies, short stories, ect.

I promise you, none of us, in our wildest dreams could of come up with a story so wild. The most fucked up part? This is completely true.

It is almost impossible to give a clear plot synopsis without spoiling things, but here is an attempt. A sadistic man puts up a video of himself killing cats. Now, a group of Facebook and internet vigilantes begin the hunt to track him down. The research and cross referencing done by this Facebook group is so incredible it's borderline scary. These people are so determined and intelligent it's like watching the FBI track down somebody on their most wanted list.

We're so bogged down and quick to label a badass as the big bad guy who walks into the room with the tattoos and the gun hanging from his hip like Arnold or Stallone. Yet, the biggest badass I've seen in years is this little computer nerd named John Green. His research and intuition is so mind blowing it will leave you floored. The leader of the group, a female ( self proclaimed) computer nerd is bad as fuck in her own right.

The cat and mouse game is out of this world as this mysterious little deviant keeps leaving clues and the Facebook vigilanties keeps finding ways to make him pay for them. Furthermore, despite these people warning the police this guy is dangerous and that his insidious mind grows darker, their plea's are ignored. Eventually, this lunatic moves on to killing humans.

Once the group finally locates his name it turns into a massive man hunt all over North America and even into Europe. Unfortunately this guy although seemingly fairly simple minded, is extremely intelligent and just as elusive as he is insane. There are multiple twists and turns that will leave you with nothing to say except "Holy Shit!" with two scenes in particular really hit home. Do yourself a favor and check out 'Don't F*3ck With Cats!".

This review by: Gino Gallo

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