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Every Horror Movie Releasing This January!!!!!

Here's every horror film set to release in the first month of our brand new year! Including both wide release and video on demand horror films. Yeah, horror typically sucks in January but maybe you decided to be more positive in 2020? I did. We'll see if that positivity lasts all the way to the end of this list.

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'The Grudge' - January 3rd, 2020 (Wide Release)

The first horror film to kick of 2020 is 'The Grudge'!

Yeah, I know a reboot horror film in JANUARY? It smells of something other than the refreshing scent of Herbal Essences Strawberry Mint Conditioner. Smells more like shit, Greg.

Well, no says I. There is reason to be hopeful, sort of.

Director Nicolas Pesce impressed with his first effort; Indie horror film 'The Eyes of My Mother'. The film had a gnarly feel that would fit well with the potential creepiness of a 'Grudge' film. The cast is of note as well, featuring a batshit cookoo version of Lin Shaye, John Cho and William Sadler in a mystery role.

If I had to bet on a January hit, I'm going to give it to 'The Grudge'. These trailers give off a total "I'm gonna need a shower later" vibe. Actually, scratch that. Given the content, I'll just use the hose. Or a dry loofah.

'Inner Ghosts' - January 7th, 2020 (Video on Demand)

"Exqueese me? Baking powder?" What the fuck was that? I still don't know, but the IMDB synopsis reads as "A woman who gave up on her life as a medium receives a gift from the afterlife: a device that can perform wonderful things - at a price."

Yeah, like getting shot in the face and having that shit just hang there like you forgot to tuck your shirt in. Holy banana bread, Batman. That shit is going to give me nightmares. Will report back on the actual movie at some point. If I dare.

'Dark Encounter' - January 7th, 2020 (Video on Demand)


These fuckers get me going! 'The Fourth Kind', 'Fire in the Sky', all of it. Ever since watching 'Unsolved Mysteries' as a kid I've been scared shitless of being abducted, so these are typically the sub genre I can count on to give me the heebee jeebies. Best part is this direct to video release seems to have a bit of a budget behind it so excuse me if I get jacked to the titts for a moment.

'Underwater' - January 10th, 2020 (Wide Release)

Sporting a skanky January release and the most Captain Obvious title since Will Smith uttered "What are we, some kind of 'Suicide Squad'?", 'Underwater' does have one thing important going for it. Strong ass 'Cloverfield' vibes.

I mean, look at that fucking picture!

One wonders if there isn't going to be a surprise 'Cloverfield Universe' tie in at some point like, for reals, for reals. Not much on the cast but 'Underwater' does have an interesting director behind the camera; William Eubank, who directed little known but kind of badass science fiction/horror film 'The Signal' back in 2014.

'The Turning' - January 24th, 2020 (Wide Release)

Look, I guess I'm gonna be the guy to say it but I'm kind of over Finn Wolfhard being in everything at this point? He was in 'Stranger Things'! Neat. So was everyone else who was in 'Stranger Things'. Either way, good for that kid. Maybe he's just a hard worker and I'm being a little bitch about it.

'The Turning' screams cash grab January horror more than any other on this list, but there is HOPE that this one is surprisingly shit-your-pants-tastic. There's that MOTHER FUCKING spider imagery and a few other shots that are genuinely creepy and I'm a big Mackenzie Davis guy.

That being said, it's all a bit too clean feeling. Like a stereotypical bleached studio production horror for Friday night High School kids....and Finn Wolfhard is not scary. So, if that's the anchor here as the trailer suggests? We're fuckin sinking.

'Color Out of Space' - January 24th, 2020 (LIMITED)

I HATE movies that are listed as "limited". The shit does that mean? It either means it will be available to rent or purchase on VOD or it will play in a couple of big cities and will release on VOD at another time. No way of telling until the film releases which is awful marketing and really fucking annoying for me trying to plan my week.

Anywho, continuing of the success of 'Mandy' in the indie horror circuit Nicolas Cage is back and doing more crazy Cage (I hope they don't run "Crazy Cage" into the ground. it's too special a thing). In this story, a meteorite lands in a small town, fucking shit up from here to Timbuktu.To be honest, I've seen horror sites rant and rave about this film so far so there has to be something to it.

Although from the trailer, if I'm being honest which is the only way I know how to be.....it looks pretty amateur. Not saying it will be, I know director Richard Stanley has a huge following who are very excited about his return. I'm just going off the trailer quality. I genuinely hope I'm wrong! What do you think? What am I missing here other than Nicolas Cage in a horror movie which is always at least kinda awesome?

'Gretel & Hansel' - January 31st, 2020 (Wide Release)

Orion Pictures is getting A24 nasty! Directed by Oz Perkins who directed A24's 'The Blackcoat's Daughter' which was one of the most underrated, scariest horror films of all time for my money, 'Gretel & Hansel' has some serious A24 vibes; From the dude in the woods tearing the shit out of that violin to the dark atmosphere. I'm here for it.

'Gretel & Hansel' doesn't give away much with the trailer but the original story is one we all already know. That being said I have a sneaky suspicion this film is going to do poorly at the box office. There's too much confusion with the title and the recent adaptations of fairy tales just haven't seemed to have fared well. Word of mouth though, can change everything for a horror film. Especially a low budget one.

'Gretel & Hansel' is my pick for what I think is going to be the scariest movie of the whole month. By a mile.

'Get Gone' - January 31st, 2020 (Video on Demand)

Look, I'm going to be unpopular in the horror media coverage business because of this stance but it's mostly because most of the main horror sites out there are friends with the people making these films. Or producing them themselves.

For the sake of VOD films, there needs to be a second tier to indie filmmaking for films like this one. The budget isn't there to be charging people $6.99 to $9.99 for these films.

That might sound disagreeable and I don't like it either but we need a way for the cream to rise to the top when it comes to what movies are going video on demand. Otherwise, the better films aren't going to get the attention they deserve.

Anyways, between 'The Grudge', 'Gretel and Hansel' and Kristen Stewart not having any.... what is the deal with the fucking hair horror in January? I hope you all have an amazing New Year and may this be the year January horror shuts us all the fuck up!

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