• Mike Holtz

'Evil Boy' Trailer Boasts Some Gnarly Kid Horror

Hard to get a grasp on exactly what is going on in this trailer for Well Go USA's latest horror flick 'Evil Boy' but I can tell it's going to be extremely fucked up and bodacious. Check out the trailer below:

Someone is going to need to call Nip/Tuck immediately for that kids face. We're also going to need a priest, a therapist and a snorkel. Dammit man, don't ask questions, there's no time!!!!

Well Go USA is releasing 'Evil Boy' on September 8th on digital and DVD. The official synopsis reads: Several years after their son’s disappearance, a grieving couple adopts a feral boy, who begins to eerily resembles their child more with each passing day. While the mother believes they have found their son, her husband is certain that he died. As strange accidents begin happening around the boy, the pair soon wonders whether they've adopted something not entirely...human.

The film will be directed by first time director Olga Gorodetskaya and stars stars Elena Lyadova (Leviathan), Vladimir Vdovichenkov (Leviathan), newcomer Sevastian Bugaev, Evgeniy Tsyganov (The Man Who Surprised Everyone), Anna Ukolova (Leviathan), Konstantin Topolaga (Steel Butterfly) and Roza Khayrullina (The Horde).

Here's a look at the cover art!

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