• Mike Holtz

Found Footage Franchise V/H/S Is Being Rebooted With V/H/S 94'

According to THR, V/H/S is back and back in a big way with a full fledged reboot of the popular anthology horror franchise. It's kind of weird they don't just call it a sequel since these films don't really tie together anyways but whatever, Jim. I just watch the movies. I do not make them. I would but they just wouldn't be very good. Plus, I have errands to run.

The amount of talent onboard V/H/S 94' is pretty exciting as David Bruckner (The dude who's directing the HELLRAISER remake if it still happens) has already written the story and will produce the reboot alongside upcoming SCREAM 5 directors Radio Silence and Bloody Disgusting's Brad Miska. The super talented Simon Barrett (The Guest) will be directing one of the shorts as well as Chloe Okuno and Timo Tjahjanto (The Night Comes For Us).

Are you ready for a found footage comeback? I'm not going to lie there are elements of the sub genre that I miss and the 90's nostalgia is always my bag.

Weird, quiet girls who turn into vampires mid-oral sex? Not so much. But hey, it's fun watching it happen to someone else in fiction.

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