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'Four Year Strong' Announce Album, Release Two New Songs + Video!

Yeah, I guess we're covering some music shit too now. Fuck it, this is our site right? I like sharing things we love with you fucks and I love the shit out of this band and these two brand new songs.

For the uninitiated, Four Year Strong is a pop punk band with metal leanings that hasn't released new music since 2015. Until today!

The music video accompanied 'Talking Myself In Circles' throws the band right back into their sound, even if it is a bit on the chill side. Featuring lyrics like "Talk is cheap, you caught me on another losing streak. I wish you didn’t have to watch me bleed as I pick up all the pieces" about two people growing apart but not giving up on each other regardless. Like me not giving up on someday growing a full facial beard.

Speaking of beards, here's the video:

While 'Talking Myself in Circles' features a ballad-ish version of the bands usual sound, the title track of their newest album 'Brain Pain' shows off the bands innovation musically. It's a bit strange and off-time at first but you can quickly settle in. There's almost a clashing of sounds as if two songs are playing at once (I literally checked to make sure I didn't have another window open on my computer). 'Brain Pain' not as easy to take in at first......and that isn't a bad thing.

The title track is also a bit more on the heavier side, which is enjoyable. I especially dig the lyrics "I wish that I could focus my hopeless wandering mind I’m losing perspective, tearing out all my insides" leading to "Smash it all, catch me when I fall" in the breakdown before the song fades out melodic as fuck. Really, really digging these two tracks.

Time to shut the fuck up and dance! The song is below! The album comes out February 28th, 2020!

If you are new to the band I recommend the album 'We All Float Down Here' in its entirety. I know you horror fans will dig the shit out of that (I put a link to it below as well!) Enjoy!

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