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Friday Night Franchise Fights: John Carpenter VS Wes Craven

Friday Night Franchise Fights is a live show on youtube hosted by We Watched A Movie where we talk about two directors, franchises or actors catalogues while the audience votes on a film by film basis. Join us tonight at 9PM Eastern Live on our youtube channel.

If you thought last weeks David Fincher vs James Cameron was rough, tonight is going to be a scream baby! We've got the horror master himself John Carpenter taking on the late Wes Craven and his treasure chest of darkness. Coincidentally, treasure chest of darkness is exactly what I call my....nevermind.

Here's the matchups I've summoned below with explanations to follow. Now, you'll notice Carpenter classics like Big Trouble in Little China missing but this list is based solely on horror films. It would have been an impossible matchup otherwise:

Round one - A Nightmare on Elm Street versus Halloween

Round two - Scream versus The Thing

Round three - The People Under The Stairs versus They Live

Round four - Last House on the Left versus The Fog

Round five - The Hills Have Eyes versus Prince of Darkness

Round six - Scream 2 versus Christine

Round seven - New Nightmare versus In The Mouth of Madness

Round eight - Shocker versus John Carpenter's Vampires

Round nine - Scream 4 versus Village of the Damned

It's always tough to make these matchups and make them fair. In the case of Carpenter versus Craven I decided to list my personal rankings of their films and then match them up almost accordingly. Again, I had to remove classics like Escape from New York and keep the list strictly horror but let's just give Carpenter a round of applause for also having an amazing action movie catalogue. Craven was no slouch either with Red Eye being an underrated action thriller.

Notable films missing for the sake of the matchups mostly come from craven with Swamp Thing and The Serpent and the Rainbow but nobody's filmographies line up perfectly. Either way tonight should be a good one! I'm most intrigued by The Thing versus Scream myself. The winners are all up to you! We'll see you there at 9PM Eastern Friday night! Can't wait? Here's last week's episode:

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