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'Friday the 13th' Rights Update: Larry Zerner Breaks Down Today's Court Hearing

As we all know 'Friday the 13th' has been locked up in a rights battle holding the future of the franchise in a vice grip tighter than the one Jason's mom had on his psyche. Sean Cunningham and Victor Miller have been in a nut punching contest for years now, keeping the franchise from the fans until their rights battle is settled in court.

Today (ironically the 13th) was the scheduled date for the two sides to hold oral arguments in the courtroom to HOPEFULLY FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY get this whole goddamn travesty over with.

Fortunately for Friday fans, the dude who played Shelly in 'Friday the 13th: Part III' is a working lawyer and he's been kind enough to fill all of us normals in on what it all means moving forward.

Here's his breakdown of the court proceedings that happened today (He's a great follow on twitter for this sort of thing (@ZernerLaw):

So, it appears as though Sean Cunningham's team is trying to push this thing BACK TO THE LAST GOD FORSAKEN STEP but we can all hope for the best. Worst case scenario? Well, we're kind of living it. More of the same. Best case scenario?

These two could just accept that they could each make a metric fuck load of money if they would just agree to disagree and make some goddamn slasher horror movies together in a time that 'Halloween' proves the world would pay to see it in droves.

On the positive side, we have Mr. Zerner to keep us filled in on the happenings. The man who after all, gave Jason his iconic mask to begin with. Hopefully he'll be reporting soon that they are going to give his mask back to him and let him go kill some counselors. CAMP COUNSELORS.

We'll be covering this and ALL the weeks horror news (Some 'Halloween' and 'NOES' stuff, too) this Monday on our brand new show so if a 90's style horror heavy chilled out program is what you'd be into, subscribe so you don't miss a thing! If you're hankering for some Friday content right now or need a laugh after this court thing sucked the souls out of our assholes.....including full movie commentaries, news breakdowns, reviews and even skits.....check it out in our 'Friday the 13th' playlist below:

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