• Mike Holtz

Fright Rags Releasing Licensed HALLOWEEN Army Men...Sort of

Fright Rags released on their Instagram today a tease for their newest HALLOWEEN licensed product. The horror apparel company teamed up with Fourth Castle's EMCE Toys brand and Compass International AND Nanoforce figures to make these little guys you don't see below:

So, the idea for Nanoforce figures is to take licensed characters and make them into tiny 3D sculpted army men. I wanna say that I don't get this but I totally get this. YOU CAN STAND THEM UP IN WHATEVER FORMATION YOU WANT! You can glue them to a diorama. You can set up your actual army men toys and have Michael slash through them to make up for us never seeing that HALLOWEEN 5 footage of Michael destroying the police station. There are so many activities! Did we just become best friends? Yup!

Fright Rags says they will release a new character every Thursday at 12PM EAstern, ultimately leading up to the release of the product in early September. You can buy all 13 figures in that sweet looking box set for a nice price of $22.00 and then you can display them on the included map of Haddonfield. Hopefully there will be directions to the Rabbit in Red Lounge as well. It's getting late and I could use a drink.

Check out our unboxing of Fright Rags Trading Card collection below:

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