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Ghoulies, TerrorVision & Troll Vinyl Coming To Stores This November

Is that a monster in the toilet!?!?? - Me, every morning living with two small children with an affliction against toilet flushing. In this case however, it's the cover of WRWTFWW Records new Ghoulies vinyl and you can buy it in stores worldwide starting November 20th. This is the first time ever that the Ghoulies soundtrack has ever been released in full.

Also, releasing are TROLL and TerrorVision in most excellent blue and yellow colors. Check em' out below:

Pretty sick if you're a vinyl collector! Here's what the official press release says about these artsy mother effers (THEY COME WITH VIDEO STORE STICKERS!)

Ghoulies features the full uncut original soundtrack, available for the first time ever, pressed on Limited edition 180g pink colored vinyl, and including a bonus 7inch featuring Fela Johnson’s "Dancing with a Monster" and "Surrender" as heard in the movie. Troll features the complete soundtrack pressed on Limited edition 180g yellow colored vinyl. TerrorVision features the special director’s cut soundtrack pressed on Limited edition 180g blue colored vinyl. Each release is housed in a gatefold sleeve with full movie gallery, OBI belt, and random video store stickers, plus full liner notes by Richard Band. There you have it! Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter below for more updates on rad horror shit from the dark beast of the toilet bowl. Also, you can get more into detail over at WRWTFWW's website.

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